[Sam-users] So what's up in SAM Wolrd?

Edwin blink edwin.blink at ziggo.nl
Sun Aug 29 19:56:15 CEST 2021

Hi David,

Yay! receiving your reply confirms sam-users list still works (been a while I received last message).

Too bad facebook limits public access to a few posts. Had an account there once. But they didn't like I was using my handle rather then my name and decided to lock my account untill I uploaded a copy of my ID. 

The sam users list and the forum  will be it then :)

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>Hi Edwin

>Facebook seems main contact point these days - although there is a little but underused forum on the WorldOfSam.org site

>But think a lot of people still here fortunately.


On 29.08.2021 15:29, Edwin blink wrote:
> So what's up in SAM Wolrd?
> Other then SAM's getting pricey :P
> Dug out my SAM yesterday and coincidentally discovered the just 
> released exelent Rick Dangerous conversion. Love the funny death 
> samples. Great work Anton Javorček / DTA !
> I'm not on FaceBook so here's a piccie on twitter:
> https://twitter.com/MstrBlinky/status/1431980769870815237
> Now I  just need to find a good spot to put it :)
> Edwin aka Mr.Blinky
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