[Sam-users] Floppy drive belt

Aleš Keprt aleskeprt at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 21:47:28 CET 2021

Dear Sam Coupé friends,

my Sam floppy drive does not work and I thought it was not possible to
repair it. I have also a few PC floppy drives, but I don't have the adapter
board, so I would like to repair the original Citizen drive. I received
information that it is actually quite easy to repair, because it should be
possible to buy a new drive belt. And it is the same as in ZX Spectrum +3
drive, so there are several sources where it can be bought. (Even Farnell
has it. :-))

It seemed good before I realized all eshops where I found it are in the UK
= outside of the European Union. So my question is simple: Is there anybody
who can send it to me from the European Union or who can send it from UK as
a private person, not UK eshop, so I don't need to pay those high customs
fees (which are mandatory after brexit and make the final price of these
cheap items like 4-times higher)?

And one more question: Please let me know if you also did this repair. Just
to verify that it really works. (I think it could work - the drive seems
alive and pretty fine, except the rubber belt.)

Aleš Keprt
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