[Sam-users] Prodos v2 and simcoupe 1.2.5

Dan Doore dan at dandoore.com
Thu Sep 9 23:22:25 CEST 2021

Put this on the SimCoupe GitHub issues - no wait, Stefan has already logged
it :)


On 9 Sep 2021, at 22:05, Edwin blink <edwin.blink at ziggo.nl> wrote:

This ones probably for Simon :)

I was playing a bit with  prodos v2 and noticed I get a read only error
with current simcoupe buid  (1.2.5)


-Boot Prodos v2 disk in simcoupe

-from menu:  new DOS CP/M disk

-format  b: -> OK

-copy a: b:  -> is read only error

-format b: -> Format error

Didn’t have any issues when using simcoupe 1.0

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