[TAF-lista] Astrofysikk/Cosmological viscosity med Iver Brevik kollokvium fredag 11.12 kl 14:15 på Zoom

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Fre Dec 11 14:04:31 CET 2020


Om noen har tid og lyst til astrofysisk fredag kaffepause så det er
astrofysikk/Cosmological viscosity kollokvium idag, fredag 11.12 på NTNU
Trondheim, Inst for fysikk kl 14:15. Sendes på Zoom.

Denne gangen med Iver Brevik

Abstract: I intend first to deal with the fundamental aspects of general
relativity (GR), then move on to the Einstein equations in which the
viscosity coefficients are plugged in “by hand” in the energy-momentum
tensor. Some comparison with observations is given. Perhaps surprisingly,
the shear and bulk viscosity coefficients so well-known from ordinary fluid
mechanics can be incorporated also in GR in a natural way. Especially, this
holds for the bulk viscosity. In the analogous more modern theories of QCD
matter, the viscosity coefficients similarly turn up. The viscosity concept
is ubiquitous.

Time: 14:15 CET  Place: Zoom meeting
<https://ntnu.zoom.us/j/8745655776> (Meeting
ID: 874 565 5776)



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