[TAF-lista] Astrofysikk/heliofysikk kollokvium idag kl 14:15 både fysisk og på Zoom

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Fre Okt 2 08:44:13 CEST 2020


Det er astrofysikk/heliofysikk kollokvium idag på NTNU Trondheim, Inst for
fysikk kl 14:15. Sendes også på Zoom.

Physics Colloquia (2 October at 14:15 ): What is new under the Sun?

Title: What is new under the Sun?
Speaker: Mats Carlsson, University of Oslo, Norway
Time: 2 October, 2020 at 14:15

Place: Realfagbygget R10 (and also via Zoom meeting
https://ntnu.zoom.us/j/8745655776 )

Abstract: Solar magnetism lies at the root of most solar and heliospheric
physics. The intricate structure and dynamics of the solar field and its
influence on the heliosphere represent major quests of (astro) physics,
which bear directly on the human environment. The magnetic field is
generated by enigmatic dynamo processes in the solar interior, is organized
into the complex patterns of activity observed in the solar photosphere,
dominates the energetics of the outer solar atmosphere (chromosphere,
transition region, corona), regulates the solar wind, and affects the
extended heliosphere into the Earth's upper atmosphere.
New ground based solar observatories, newly launched satellites and
dramatically increased computational power is transfoming solar physics. In
this talk I will go through this development, with a special focus on
Norwegian contributions.


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