[TAF-lista] Astrofysikk/gravitasjonsbølger kollokvium fredag 30.10 kl 12:00 på Zoom og Skype

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Tors Okt 29 21:12:58 CET 2020


Om noen har tid og lyst til astrofysisk fredagslunsj så det er
astrofysikk/gravitasjonsbølger kollokvium fredag 30.10 på NTNU Trondheim,
Inst for fysikk kl 12:00. Sendes på Zoom og Skype.

Angelo Ricciardione (INFN Padua) will give an online seminar this Friday on
"Characterization of Cosmological Gravitational Waves with the LISA
Detector".  You can join either via zoom (see details below)  or  (max. 12
persons) in E3-128.


Primordial Gravitational Waves (GWs) represent a key test of inflation and
they are a unique tool to explore the physics and the microphysics of the
early Universe. After the GW detections by the LIGO/Virgo collaboration the
next target of modern cosmology is the detection of stochastic background
of GWs. Even if the main probe of primordial GWs is the Cosmic Microwave
Background, we will see in this talk how we can extract information about
primordial GWs at a smaller scale. In particular the space based LISA
interferometer, in addition to detection and characterization of GWs of
astrophysical origin, will give compelling information about the
cosmological background of GWs. In this talk I will summarise part of the
activity developed within the LISA Cosmology working group, and, in
particular, I will discuss on the ability of LISA to test primordial well
motivated model of inflation and I will discuss about peculiar features of
the SGWB, like anisotropy and non-Gaussianity.

Topic: Theory Seminar

Time: Oct 30, 2020 12:00 PM Oslo

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