[TAF-lista] Astrofysikk/Closing in on the sources of UHECRs med Marco Stein Muzio kollokvium fredag 22.01.21 kl 15:15 på Zoom

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Om noen har tid og lyst til astrofysisk fredag så det er
astrofysikk/Closing in on the sources of UHECRs (ultrahigh energy cosmic
rays) på fredag 22.01.21 på NTNU Trondheim, Inst for fysikk kl 15:15.
Sendes på Zoom.

Marco Stein Muzio (New York University)  will give a  seminar this Friday
on "Closing in on the sources of UHECRs: A multimessenger approach". You
can join via zoom, see details below.

Today ultrahigh energy cosmic rays (UHECRs), with energies in excess of an
EeV (or 10^18 eV), provide us with a glimpse both into the most extreme
astrophysical environments in the universe and into fundamental
interactions beyond LHC energies. However, the source of these particles
has long remained a mystery. In this talk, I will focus on progress made in
characterizing the sources of UHECRs by combining a phenomenological model
of these sources with multimessenger measurements. Recent elaborations of
our model have allowed us to make more concrete statements about the types
of environments required to explain UHECR data, and possibly astrophysical
neutrino data. I will present these constraints and their implications for
astrophysical sources.

Topic: Theory Seminar
Time: Jan 22, 2021 03:15 PM Oslo

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