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Subject: [Clubs] Time to register for NUCCC 2007

Dear NUCC members, the time has come to register for the 2007 NUCCC,
May 4-6, if you haven't already done so!

Don't miss this opportunity to hang out with fellow geeks, enjoy
$BEVERAGE, barbecue, throwing stuff (and, hopefully, launching stuff!),
seminars and visits - not to mention the big dinner party on Saturday
evening at Sydskånska Nationen!

If you want to be sure to get a T-shirt of the right size, make sure to
register no later than Monday April 23rd!

Last date for registration is Monday April 30th, but participants
registering after the 23rd are not guaranteed to get a T-shirt of the right
size, or worse - any T-shirt at all! :-)

The attendance fee for this year's NUCCC has been set to SEK 450:-
(c.a. EUR 47) to be paid at arrival. Payment by credit card preferred!

NOTE: When you register, please enclose a scanned copy of your ID card and
student ID card, or equivalents. This is needed for the Saturday night

For more details on registration, see

For the latest event updates, check


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