[Sam-users] New version of emulator ASCD 1.2 released

aleskeprt at gmail.com aleskeprt at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 01:36:32 CET 2021

New version of emulator ASCD 1.2 has been released!


After almost 10 years since the first and only release of ASCD emulator for
Windows, I decided to do some improvements for flat displays and Windows 10.
So here it is. :-)

Honestly, this emulator does not have as precise CPU timing as SimCoupe, but
it has some nice features like the support of snapshots, printers, joysticks
or DAC digital sound. And now also these new display routines. :-) And it
emulates also ZX Spectrum 48/128 with various peripherals.



Btw. I received the replacement belt and tried to fix my floppy drive. And
it works weirdly, still just 50% of disk sis readable, the rest gives many
reading errors. I wonder if the bel tis not good or there is some additional
problem. I remember somebody mentioned onboard capacitors may be dead. And
also I saw something green, like a copper corrosion, on the motor. Which is
not good. (Disks are OK, I tested them in a different computer and almost
all of them read nicely without errors. :-) )

Best regards,
Aleš Keprt


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