[Sam-users] Emulators ASCD 1.3 and Alyx81 1.0

aleskeprt at gmail.com aleskeprt at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 00:30:14 CET 2021

As usual, a bug was found minutes aftere release
 So I am releasing ASCD
version 1.3. It is very same, just bug-fixed. (I hope.)

Also, finally, I am releasing Alyx81, my ZX80/ZX81 emulator. If anybody is
interested, it can be downloaded at the same place


btw. I saw an Interface 2 cartridge with ZX81 emulator for ZX Spectrum 128,
but I never saw any ZX81 emulator for Sam Coupé. Does it exist, can it run
some nice ZX81 games?

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