[Sam-users] New Sam game.

Edwin blink edwin.blink at ziggo.nl
Sun Sep 5 20:53:56 CEST 2021

Yay! another great game for Sam! Thank for bringing Bubble Ghost to Sam!

Played it a couple of times and it's as if I'm playing on Gameboy. But
without the motion blur :D
Also love the catchy sound track. Great Job!

I noticed Bubble Ghost can fly into the Gameboys gray bezel. Looks funny
like he's poping out and trying to leave the gameboy :)

Not sure if I'm mistaken but I could have sworn that I saw a red power LED
at one time. But now I don't see it and wondering if  I just imagined it.

Feature requist for when you're doing n update:  Could you add CTRL+CURSORS
as redundant keys for input?

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Verzonden: zaterdag 4 september 2021 18:49
Aan: sam-users
Onderwerp: [Sam-users] New Sam game.

Hi all,

The new game is now available from https://wubsoft.org/

The controls are joystick or QAOP and space.

I really hope people have as much fun playing it as I had making it!

It seems to be perfectly bug free now but if anyone finds something weird
please do let me know via email, or here on the list, and I'll get it sorted

Have fun! :)

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