[Sam-users] New Sam game.

Edwin blink edwin.blink at ziggo.nl
Mon Sep 6 20:17:24 CEST 2021

Hi Rob,

thanks for explaining about thepower led . I probably saw it on a preview image somewhere before. It's good to know that I'm not going mad.

It's nice to know you can choose a different palette for the display.

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Verzonden: zondag 5 september 2021 21:37
Aan: Edwin blink
CC: sam-users
Onderwerp: Re: [Sam-users] New Sam game.

Hi Edwin, really glad you're enjoying this! :)

I decided to lose the power LED as it was a bit distracting, and I didn't think it looked that good.  It seems a bit tidier without it to me.  I forgot to mention that if you press 'E' you can change the colour palette, of which there's four to choose from.

I wasn't too keen on clipping the ghost sprite, just purely to save some drawing time, but when I saw how funny it looked going over the edge of the bezel, I decided that was how it had to be.  Breaking the 4th wall is always very funny! :p

Adding keys was a bit of a nightmare, I neglected to consider keyboard input until right at the end of the project, but I'll definitely add ctrl and cursors if I update it in the future.

Thanks again,


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