[TAF-lista] Astrofysikk kollokvium idag kl 12:15 både fysisk og på Zoom

BMH ambybn at gmail.com
Fre Okt 9 12:08:06 CEST 2020

David Mota (UiO) will give a seminar on "Cosmological and Astrophysical
probes of Gravity Theories beyond General Relativity", which you can join
on zoom (see details below) or physically (max. 12 persons) in E3-128.


Several modifications to general relativity have been proposed with the aim
to explain the nature of dark energy and the accelerated expansion of the
 Universe. In this talk I will review the present status of modified
theories of gravity in the light of astrophysical probes of gravity in the
weak-field regime, ranging from stars to cosmological scales.  I begin by
setting the scene for how theories beyond General Relativity are expected
to behave in the different astrophysical systems, as well as their
cosmological signatures. With these in hand, I present a range of
observational tests with an eye to using the current and next generation of
observations for tests of gravity. In particular, I will show how physical
observables of the non-linear regime of structure formation are promising
probes to constraining theoretical models in the nonlinear dynamics of
stars, galaxies, clusters and large scale structure.

Topic: Theory Seminar
Time: Oct 9, 2020 12:00 PM Oslo

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 980 6346 1332
Passcode: 529240

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98063461332 at zoomcrc.com

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